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Chapter 2 updates and soc med

 16th Jan 2023

Howdy, howdy!

It's time for chapter 2 to start! It's a whopper of a chapter, all of 40 (41??) pages, but the more the merrier, and I hope you enjoy it!

Sometimes I forget to update the news section here for anyone who looks here for news or update schedules. I do, however, frequently (maybe too frequently) update my tumblr with near constant updates, art, and sometimes some sneak previews of what I'm working on. Be sure to give that a follow! You can find the link in the listed buttons below, but I'll also strive to update here more frequently when it comes to posting schedule and news.

This is a long chapter, as I stated above, and there's a post-chapter omake that Paula did that'll go up right after this finishes. The cover went up a day early (as of writing this, Monday) since I'm debating on starting the week with the new content pages instead of just the title page. I guess we'll see, won't we! anyone reading this from the future will know the answer before the version of me writing it ever will. What visions of the future you travelers hold!

Chapter 1 start!

 8th Feb 2022


Things look different around here, huh? This is what the delay there was about. With chapter 0 finished and chapter 1 ready to start, I thought it would be nice to not only get as much of a buffer as possible before starting again, to make sure posts kept flowing freely, but to settle into a name and website that fit the comic's identity to have celebration for going into chapter 1!

All the brand new custom art was an undertaking to do to overhaul the website, but I'm pleased with all of it, and couldn't be more pleased with the amazing work Paula did with the website. Oh, also, the name change? And our new logo? I hope you like it! The logo was done by both me and Paula, with the name change chosen to reflect the story's characters and tone a little more close to home. Take a look around if you like, because there's a brand new about page, a new character page, and all in all, the website itself is its own little home now. Confetti for all.

So chapter 1 is completely finished, and will be going up on an update schedule of Tuesdays and Fridays unless otherwise noted for special uploads. Chapter 2 is written, and I'm working away at the pages while also outlining future chapters with my partner Paula. I've got a lot of new art, illustrations, as well as usable assets and special brushes made just for the production of the comic. Those will definitely be shared on the patreon, but for now...

I hope you guys enjoy the new chapter!