Maia Pyxis

Age: 18

Attunement: Unattuned

A ward of the veil, and bootlegger of fine tonics. Her weak aetheric command— caused by a chronically late attunement— spurred her ingenuity to more hands-on methods in lieu of traditional spells. Manifesting might finally bring her a sense of belonging, but without, she's left to face the veil's blight alone and mostly unarmed.

(No Name)

Age: ??

Attunement: Good Boy

Students occasionally report sightings of an aberrant fox on the grounds, either late at night or early in the morning, vanishing thereafter. Although it may seem harmless— despite complaints of the phantom's thieving glut for treats— pets and familiars without strict licensing are prohibited on campus by law, due to public health and safety concerns.

Elias Thorncroft

Age: 19

Attunement: Veil

The youngest of the Thorncrofts. A duplicitous nature separates him from his family's good name, and the measureable blight scar— a known sign of corruption— further fuels many an unsavory rumor. But at what point is a rumor just speculation?

Audric Thorncroft

Age: 24

Attunement: Veil

A hunter-class reaper cadet in the Lichgate division. Known across the island for his golden flame manifestation and his lightning fast combat reflexes, he's earned a hero's reputation in record time. His piercing gaze never strays too far from his ever-cryptic little brother... unless it's drawn towards a bootlegger's swill.

Lyra Thorncroft

A prominent researcher at the Central Borough Environmental Service Agency, she was responsible for a great many discoveries-- one of which may have lead her to something terrible.

Bradley (Thorncroft)

Lyra's research assistant and eldest son.