The Magi are facing a losing battle. Their civilization and way of life, built upon the ruins of magic's very source, are threatened by a dying world. The Veil's ancient barriers are failing-- eroded by a mysterious invasive force that can corrupt, twist, and warp all it touches. Only the elite organization known as the Reapers are equipped to face this menace, their years of combat training against this infestation barely enough to maintain the status quo.

While their bravery affords the denizens of the Veil a measure of safety, Maia still struggles to embrace this new reality. To top it all off, her magic will not manifest, and graduation is fast approaching!! At least the falling walls might spare her the embarrassment-- if her shady new tutor doesn't get them killed first.

Special chapter 3 short comic and main comic updates

 6th Feb 2023

That’s right, new chapter begins today!

We’ll be starting with a new 5-page short comic written and drawn by my writing partner, Paula! That’s a first for the comic... Exciting! She also did a few new illustrations for the comic which I’ll love to share once she’s posted them up. The extra comic will come as two updates per week (Tues and Thurs ), with the last coming before the main chapter’s start.

So, wait, for those who follow me on tumblr-- wasn’t I also doing a short comic for this chapter? Yes! Chapter 3 will come with two shorts. The short with the brothers will come either in the middle or at the end of the chapter… (or if I just so suddenly feel like posting it. Gotta keep people on their toes.)

When the main comic starts, the first update will not consist of only the chapter title page since I’ve already posted that up on socials for people to see— the first day will be a double update day and will come with the first page. After that, It looks like we may be doing single updates per week except in the case of two page (and a couple of triple page) spreads.

If I don’t like that schedule, I’ll just revert to what it was before lol but for now, we’ll do it this way so I can keep working on future updates without much impediment. There’s some fun stuff coming up for you.

For some reason updating the news section here is ever able to slip through my mind, but I post ever-frequent updates, sneak previews and other comic news on my tumblr if you want to stay super up-to-date. There's also an open ask/comment box over on my tumblr, and sometimes I put up polls or prompts that may go towards special side comics... so check it out and enjoy the new updates!